• Have a set?
  • Have a set?

    1. Register your set for the Circular Sets pilot via sets@cama.co.uk or via the link below.
    2. Await acceptance*
    3. Dependent on availability, liaise with our team to coordinate transport to one of CAMA’s AssetStores. Your set will be stored for free for the duration of the 6-month pilot.
    4. Receive an asset transfer note as documentation that the set has transferred from your ownership into ours’.
    5. Our team will upload your set onto AssetFlow, making it available to a vetted network of productions and industry professionals.
    6. View the carbon emissions your production could save through reuse versus landfill.
    7. If your set is in store with us and does not find a new home during the pilot, we’ll take on responsibility for secure recycling costs. If you wish to store for longer and continue to coordinate reuse, our team are happy to help!

    *Please note that due to this being a pilot initiative, we are unable to accept all sets registered.

    Donate a set
  • Need a set?

    1. Register your interest at sets@cama.co.uk or at the link below.
    2. Access to AssetFlow will be granted to commissioners, production companies, studios, BFDG members, and relevant television, theatre, and film professionals. You’ll need to sign an IP disclaimer to view the sets available.
    3. Choose a set that suits your needs. There is no material cost, so this saves you thousands.
    4. View the forecasted emissions avoided through reuse.
    5. Coordinate transport from the donating production or CAMA to your location.
    6. Receive an asset transfer note as documentation that the set has transferred from CAMA’s ownership to yours’. This includes a commitment to redecorating the set so that it is no longer recognisable (unless it has been designed to look like a real place).
    7. Adapt the set to suit your needs… happy filming!
    8. Keep the design listed on the pilot and, assuming there is no damage, provide the date your production is wrapping to continue the cycle of reuse.
    9. If the set is no longer fit for ongoing use, dispose of responsibly using Community Wood Recycling.
    Access sets
  • Need a set?
  • How to get involved

    To register a set, please send us an introductory email to circularsets@cama.co.uk

    If you are a production, studio, commissioner, or industry professional interested in accessing sets, please contact circularsets@cama.co.uk


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