AssetFlow: easy asset management software

Asset management made easier


Work with our team to create a digital inventory of your assets, tailored to your relevance.


View and organise all of your assets at the click of a button.


With our enhanced software, create personalised orders for delivery, collection, reuse, recycling and resale all from one screen.

  • How can AssetFlow help you?
  • How can AssetFlow help you?

    • Easily review assets directly from your online account – in store or on set, view everything you need from any location.
    • Image galleries, advanced search, and enhanced tagging make it easier and quicker than ever to locate your assets.
    • Powerful ordering functionality streamlines your workflow, getting assets exactly where you need them at the click of a button.
    • Included with our AssetStore Managed service at no extra cost.
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  • Who is AssetFlow for?

    AssetFlow is a multi-purpose platform. Historically used for storage management and reuse services and recently utilised as a continuity software on a major tentpole production, it is now currently being trialled on two HETV productions as an on-set asset inventory tool.

    With vast functionality, AssetFlow has been used by:

    • Studios and production companies
    • Production management
    • Asset managers
    • Continuity supervisors
    • Sustainability consultants
    • Storage and archive facilities
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  • Who is AssetFlow for?
  • Enabling reuse with AssetFlow
  • Enabling reuse with AssetFlow

    AssetFlow facilitates smooth transitions between production use, storage, and donation, powering our industry-first AssetCycle circular economy service.

    Easily place specific orders for reuse or secure destruction (recycling) through the platform and leave the rest to our specialist team who understand the importance of preserving your creativity and intellectual property.

    Data from AssetFlow is also integral to our environmental tracking, enabling us to forecast the carbon emissions you can help avoid through reuse versus buying new and sending to landfill.


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