• 1900

    Established in 1900 as a business trading in exports.

  • 1914-1918

    During the war, the company was contracted to collect scrap metal for the war effort. It then continued to grow organically and began to move safes and offices.

  • 1937

    The company was officially founded when the Statement of Particulars for C. & M. Apostolides was registered by Nicholas, Christo and Micheale Apostolides.

  • 1952

    C. & M. Apostolides became a limited company.

  • 1966

    The company continued to build its trusted reputation and clients even included an MP based in the House of Commons.


    Known today as CAMA, we are in the unique position of having over 100 years’ experience, while still being a strong and healthy, independent family business and a leader in the field of moves and storage. In a climate where the average lifespan of a company is just 18 years, we think this is pretty impressive!

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