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Powering the circular economy

Engage with circularity

Streamline your assets with AssetFlow, place orders for reuse and recycling on our asset management software.

Donate, reuse, sell

Our team coordinates the recirculation of your assets, working with our trusted industry and community partners.

Evidence your impact

Receive carbon avoidance data from our industry-first lifecycle analysis calculator.

  • Our reuse service - revolutionising sustainability
  • Our reuse service - revolutionising sustainability

    With our newly upgraded software, AssetFlow, you can place orders for donation and resale, creating bespoke lists of props, sets, and costumes you no longer need or wish to store.

    Our team works with studios, upcoming productions, props houses, costumiers, schools, theatre groups, and community organisations. Nothing goes to landfill, everything finds a new home.

    High IP assets are securely destroyed through recycling in accordance with ISO 14001.

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  • Our lifecycle analysis calculator - reporting with industry-first carbon metrics

    Through AssetCycle’s bespoke lifecycle analysis calculator, we calculate the comparative carbon emissions produced by sending assets to landfill, versus what is avoided through repurposing or donating assets.

    Our forecasts are presented in Circular Economy Certificates. These provide our valued partners with the tangible impact of engaging with reuse, acting as unprecedented Scope 3 data for carbon reporting, and are a testament to your achievements in promoting a more circular economy.



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  • Our lifecycle analysis calculator - reporting with industry-first carbon metrics

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