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Why join the Circular Sets Initiative?


Tap into free, ready-to-use sets


From the comfort of your screen through our digital platform, AssetFlow


Show your commitment to the environment with carbon avoidance figures


Intellectual property will be safeguarded and your sets made unrecognisable


Have the chance to access limited complimentary space tailored for the pilot's duration


Through repurposing and adopting sustainable creative practices

  • Explore sets with ease with our digital catalogue
  • Explore sets with ease with our digital catalogue

    During this six-month pilot you will have access to our digital platform AssetFlow, for either donating or finding sets.

    • Versatile Set Choices: A broad spectrum of set options tailored to complement your creative vision
    • Immersive Online Shopping: Comprehensive viewing with multi-angle images, detailed dimensions, design files, thorough quality checks, and availability dates for quick set selection
    • Environmental Stats: Insightful forecasts on the carbon emissions avoided through reuse, powered by our AssetCycle carbon calculator
    • Storage and Logistics: We have a limited amount of free storage space available for sets awaiting transportation to your desired location
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  • Have a set you'd like to donate?

    We know that donating sets is not always easy due to IP and tight production schedules.

    Rest assured we have the all your considerations covered.

    • IP Protections: Our initiative ensures that all donations and repurposing of your set is done securely. Benefit from a watertight contract that assures your set is made unrecognisable by fellow designers.
    • Transparent Ownership Transfer: Receive a detailed asset transfer note. We provide clear proof of ownership change, ensuring a transparent donation process.
    • Storage and Budget Strain: Save on expenses by avoiding the costs and impact of disposal, storage and recycling. Your only concern is transport—we’ve got the rest covered.

    Your set will only be made available to our exclusive network of trusted film and television professionals. We work with upcoming productions, studios, the British Film Designer’s Guild, and The Production Guild of Great Britain.

  • Have a set you'd like to donate?
  • Looking for sets for your next show or film?
  • Looking for sets for your next show or film?

    Choose from a variety of sets from the comfort of your screen, knowing your are reducing costs and your carbon footprint.

    • Versatile Set Choices: Through our online platform AssetFlow, we can offer you a broad spectrum of set options tailored to complement your creative vision. Assess your options based on size and the potential carbon emission avoidance you can achieve by choosing to repurpose.
    • Zero Cost: Select the perfect backdrop for your production at absolutely no cost. We only ask that you manage the transport logistics.
    • Artistic Vision: We’ll ask you to refurbish and revamp the set, guarding your artistic vision as well as respecting the intellectual property of the donating production —all while promoting sustainable practices.
    • Protect Budget and Preserve Materials: By partnering with Circular Sets, you stand to gain considerable savings on material expenses. More importantly, you’ll make a definitive stride in reducing your carbon footprint.

    By giving new life to repurposed set pieces and materials, you’re not only cutting down on production costs but also powering a circular economy for production materials.


  • Carbon emissions avoidance with AssetCycle

    For each set that is reused, our carbon measurement tool lets you see the tangible carbon avoidance that your production can achieve through reuse, versus what would have been emitted through buying new and sending to landfill.

    • Carbon Reporting Made Easy: With our AssetCycle tool, your production gains access to industry-first carbon emissions data. This captures the positive impact of set reuse on your project’s overall carbon footprint.
    • Albert Certification: Our service aids productions in meeting the criteria for BAFTA albert, PEACH and other certification tools.

    And that’s not all. The feedback and insights we gather from this pilot will be crucial in exploring how a national set reuse initiative could be rolled out on a larger scale.

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  • Carbon emissions avoidance with AssetCycle
  • Sustainability meets simplicity - three easy steps to join
  • Sustainability meets simplicity - three easy steps to join

    We want to make these sustainable steps simple — so you can focus on the benefits without worrying about the cost.

    You can be up and running in just three easy steps!

    • Express Your Interest: A quick online form captures your production details and set requirements.
    • Curated Set Selection: Explore our digital catalogue and choose sets that align with your creative vision.
    • Seamless Logistics Coordination: Our team can then assist with transport from our free storage facility
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  • Who are CAMA AssetStore?

    At CAMA we are supporting productions to efficiently and sustainably manage their props, sets, and costumes. With three core services, storage (AssetStore), our asset management software (AssetFlow), and our circular economy service (AssetCycle) – we give the film and television industry full visibility and control over its production assets, reducing costs and carbon.

    “We are proud to provide the infrastructure to enable designers to reimagine, repurpose, and recreate sets for their projects. Working alongside BBC Studios, we can offer set selection from the comfort of your screen through our digital platform. For every set you revive, we can also calculate the actual avoided carbon figures. Together, we can create a more circular industry!” – Michaele Apostolides, Director, AssetStore and AssetFlow

  • Who are CAMA AssetStore?

Storage and prop, set and costume reuse: your best asset for a greener production

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