• Have a set that needs a new life?

    We know that donating sets is not always easy, due to IP, studio restrictions and tight production schedules.

    Rest assured we have the all your considerations covered.

    • IP Protections: Our initiative ensures that all donations and repurposing of your set is done securely. Benefit from a watertight contract that assures your set is made unrecognisable by fellow designers. We work with all the major studios in the UK and US, so we can also help with the conversations around clearance if there is a barrier to donation.
    • Transparent Ownership Transfer: Receive a detailed asset transfer note. We provide clear proof of ownership change, ensuring a transparent donation process.
    • Reduce financial strain: Save on expenses by avoiding the costs and impact of disposal, storage and recycling. Your only concern is transport—we’ve got the rest covered.

    Your set will only be selected by our exclusive network of trusted television, film, and theatre professionals. We work with the British Film Designer’s Guild, The Production Guild of Great Britain and Theatre Designer’s Guild.


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  • Have a set that needs a new life?
  • Looking for sets for your next show?
  • Looking for sets for your next show?

    Choose from a variety of sets from the comfort of your screen, knowing your are reducing costs and your carbon footprint.

    • Versatile Set Choices: Through our online platform AssetFlow, we can offer you a broad spectrum of set options tailored to complement your creative vision. Assess your options based on style, size, and the potential carbon emission savings you can achieve by choosing to repurpose.
    • Zero Cost:Select the perfect backdrop for your production at absolutely no cost. We only ask that you manage the transport logistics. What’s more, we ask you to refurbish and revamp the set guarding your artistic vision as well as respecting the intellectual property of the donating production —all while promoting sustainable practices.
    • Protect Budget and Preserve Materials: By partnering with Circular Sets, you stand to gain considerable savings on material expenses. More importantly, you make a definitive stride in reducing your carbon footprint.

    By giving new life to repurposed set pieces and materials, you’re not only cutting down on production costs but also powering the circular economy of production materials.


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  • Tips for designers
  • Tips for designers

    Good Practice Section, using elements of Rivercity, and also tips from all the Production Designers featured on the Planet Positive Award entries.

    Also get tips and good practice from sustainability agencies working on productions re materials.

    (Suzanne’s suggestion – we need to flesh this out) -> Set designs can be taken as whole sets and repurposed in any form. Individual flats should be seen as raw materials that can be reconfigure in a way that suits the new production. 


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